Having made several different types of personalised bookmarks for friends and family, it was suggested to me that my customers like the idea of purchasing these bookmarks when purchasing a card, just a little something different, more personal to the recipient than a shop bought one. Unfortunately I don't have many images and the few I do have don't really do the Bookmarks justice but just to give you an idea I have included one of the most recent ones I made, hope you like it. Please e-mail me at or call 020 8526 6287 if you wish to commission a Bookmark.

BM001 - Bookmark 1 £0.99p
This bookmark can be made to commemorate any special event, personalisation is the key here. Printed onto coloured card (choice of colour to suit) with details of the special occasion being celebrated, along with personality and astrological information all carefully protected by lamination.

A001 - Golden Anniversary Keepsake - £4.50

A5 booklet card embellished with Hearts and Rosebuds (colour's to suit), inside there is a poem, a place for photograph of now and then and a guest book for that all important party . This style of card can be adapted to suit a wedding or engagement by changing certain aspects.

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